14 April, 2021

Romantic Best Makeup Looks

Smokey eye makeup is not for everyone.

Lujan recommends concealer or foundation mainly for brow bones and eyeshadow area. Afterwards, you can smoke with eyeliner in the color you prefer.
Start with fine and tight lines from your lashes. Then make the shading outward to the desired effect. Instead of choosing black color, try brownish colors as well. It can be a much more elegant alternative for you.

There is a perfect foundation suitable for your skin.

It is very painful to say this, but it is impossible. Because factors such as weather conditions, sun exposure and hormones make your skin tone very diverse. Professional make-up people therefore use more than one foundation on one person.
You can easily remove different colors on your skin when you use two-tone foundation. That’s why you should use at least two foundations, one dark and one light. You can mix the two according to your choice.

Trying the color on the wrist while buying foundation

Lujan says the best place to try is when buying foundation. If you raise your wrist and compare it with your face in the mirror, you will notice that your wrist will be much lighter. Instead, try the foundation you look at on your chin line. And if there are too many colors to try out, don’t be alarmed.

Makeup is damaging to the skin

Your skin may react badly to your favorite products, but often the main culprit is the lack of hygiene and dirty products. Lujan says to always use makeup remover. In addition, cleansing products may not always penetrate your skin. That’s why you should clean it more carefully.
Make sure you clean your brushes regularly. It is also recommended that you wipe the upper part of your powder with a towel before using it.

Powder is essential in makeup.

You may want to keep your appearance shiny, but you shouldn’t apply powder to your entire face. When you do this, your bone structure looks more uncertain and the gloss of the foundation will not work. It is recommended to use the foundation on effective points such as the T-zone and cheek.
Lujan also recommends sprinkling fixative spray on these areas after make-up is complete. Thus, a brighter layer is formed.

You should use eye cream every morning before applying makeup.

You can use these creams to reduce wrinkles, but such nourishing treatments can cause problems in your eye makeup. So, choose to apply eye creams at night instead.
If you are going to use your makeup throughout the day, your eyes should be drier under your eyes. If your eyes are constantly getting dry, choose products such as cream concealer.

Women with oily skin should stay away from moisturizer in their daily care.

This is completely wrong. In fact, if you believe this myth, you are contributing to more oil secretion in your skin. The skin produces oil in response to dryness. Purifiers cleanse the natural oil from your skin, and if you do not moisturize it enough afterwards, your skin will react by producing more oil.
Avoid this by keeping your skin slightly moist. Lujan recommends the use of products containing hyaluronic acid. Since this acid is water-based, it will keep your skin softer, healthier and less oily by moisturizing.

Women with mature skin should not use brightener

Cosmetologist Lujan admits that brighteners bring out wrinkles in aging skin. You can still use a brighter formula in your makeup, though. For example, you might consider soothing and emollient creams or liquids that can make your skin look radiant.
Regardless of your age, the most important point is to be strategic. It is recommended that you choose high points such as your brow bone, top of your cheekbone and your nasal bone.

Concealer is lighter than skin tone

Being lighter is not the same as being brighter. Too light tones can cause a gray shadow under your eyes. You should choose the right colors instead of pale tones. Choose colors that are closest to your skin tone but are warmer.

Pumping the mascara brush to get more

If you are doing this, you should stop. Yes, the extra oxygen can help you get more product into the brush by building up the product, but in the long run, it will end badly. This action will reduce the usage time of your mascara and dry the product faster.


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