16 May, 2021

Made in Virginia: The Valentine & # 39; s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if you don't know what to get your partner, don't stress! Use this Valentine's Day gift guide to pick that perfect gift for the special someone in your life, whether it's unique jewelry, decadent chocolate treats, or Virginia-made wines.

Gearhart & # 39; s Chocolates


Looking for something sweet for your loved one? Pick up a box of handmade artisan chocolates from the Charlottesville or Richmond Gearhart & # 39; s Fine Chocolates locations, or order a box online to have it delivered straight to your door. Treat yourself while you're at it and stock up on a few extra boxes! To sample a range of flavors, opt for the 16-piece box, packed with delicious blends such as Mint Julep, Almond Mocha, Tequila Lime and Vanilla Bean Brulee, or go for the six-pack of chocolate bars.


Photo Credit: Jamie Goodin

Do you want even more sweet things? If chocolates and candies are the way to the heart of your love, there are many candy stores in Virginia where you can make the ultimate sugar-filled Valentine's Day gift basket, such as Cocoa Mill Chocolate Co. in Roanoke.

Red Truck Bakery Cookbook


If you're shopping for a DIY foodie, you can't go wrong with a beloved Virginia cookbook like the latest version of the Red Truck Bakery Cookbook written by bakery owner and chef Brian Noyes. Located about an hour outside of Washington, DC, the baked goods and desserts at this small bakery have been recognized by notable publications such as the New York Times and Washingtonian Magazine, as well as prominent figures such as Oprah and former President Barack Obama. Before you buy, test one of his tried and true recipes from our Inside the Kitchen series; we promise you will be addicted!

Sun & Selene jewelry

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<h5 class=Photo credits: Brittany DeRaffele

Owner, designer and jeweler Brittanny DeRaffele started Sun & Selene Jewelry in 2013 and combined her love for astrology and classic tales of mythology and ancient goddesses to create beautifully modern jewelry. Each piece is hand crafted, hammered, polished and finished resulting in distinctive rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces that are suitable for everyday wear and are sure to become favorite pieces for your significant other. Shop online to see Sun & Selene's current selection of radiant jewelry.

Chesapeake Bay Oysters

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<h5 class=Photo Credit: Todd Wright, IG Account: @toddwrightphoto

Many claim oysters are an aphrodisiac, so these tasty bivalves are the perfect appetizer for a Valentine's Day meal. Order a bushel from a Virginia oyster company such as Rappahannock Oysters or Anderson & # 39; s Neck Oyster Company. With eight different oyster regions and more than a dozen oyster companies offering delivery and collection during COVID-19, you can find oysters to suit your taste, from the brinyest oysters grown in ocean water to buttery soft oysters harvested from the Rappahannock River.

Virginia State necklace

Love is in the air on Valentine's Day, and what better way to share your love than with a Virginia state necklace? These handmade necklaces are made in both gold and silver and can be paired with the petite heart earrings also sold at the Etsy store, run by Charlottesville-based jewelry designer Amy Houston.

AR & # 39; s Hot Southern Honey

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<h5 class=Photo Credit: Jacqui DePas Schlosser

Produced in the Shenandoah Valley with honey sourced from beehives in the Appalachia of Virginia, AR & # 39; s Hot Southern Honey is an ideal gift for Valentine's Day loves that have both sweet and spicy flavors. This locally made honey can be drizzled with fried chicken, paired with cheese and charcuterie, or stirred into your loved one's favorite drink to add a little sweet heat. For more food-inspired items, check out the latest VA Foodie Gift Guide and opt for a few different Virginia products to make a delicious Valentine's Day gift basket.

Hugo Kohl jewelry


It may be difficult to find fresh cut flowers grown in Virginia during the chilly days around Valentine's Day, but you can still fill your loved one's home with incredible scents when you gift a few products from the Naked Goat Soap Company. We recommend their soy candles, which are both paraben and phthalate free and housed in modern concrete vats handcrafted by the owner's husband. The candles have airy, light scents such as scrub, infused with lavendin (a lavender hybrid), sage and citrus, or opal, with notes of orchid flowers. In addition to candles, the company has goat's milk soap, essential oils, and other all-natural body products with delicious, refreshing scents.

Handley Watches

CN20110904P_023.JPG "src =" https://visitvirginia.widen.net/content/qmadk67yf4/jpeg/CN20110904P_023.JPG?w=1024&h=685&keep=c&crop=yes&color=ffffffff&=8=ar80&quality=ar80&quality "

<h5 class=Photo Credit: Jay Carpenter

Gift a Handley Watch for the special man in your life, made in Richmond by a husband and wife duo. These stylish watches offer state-of-the-art design and functionality, while also being comfortable enough to wear all day long. Sporty wearers will appreciate the Nester, a water-resistant sports watch, or opt for the Capital or Continental for those men who want a more refined and sophisticated look. Check their website for a full list of styles and colors available.

Virginia Wines & Craft Beverages

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<h5 class=Photo Credit: Rachel Stevens

If they've lived in Virginia for a while, your loved one probably has a favorite local winery, brewery, cidery, or distillery. Buy a bottle of wine or spirits or a six pack of their most loved beers or ciders as a Valentine's Day gift that will earn you a big compliment from your partner.

Elodie & # 39; s Naturals Skincare Products

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Photo credit: Elodie Cally

Elodie & # 39; s Naturals is a cosmetics retailer that focuses on creating healthy, simple skincare formulas without complicated chemicals. This Valentine's Day, create a gift bag with luxury products from Elodie’s Naturals, such as their plant-based vegan French lip balms (which come in flavors like caramel and blackberry), facial lotions, moisturizing serums and hand creams.

Virginia is for Lovers Merch

CN18081713P_326.JPG "src =" https://visitvirginia.widen.net/content/doha8r2g2a/jpeg/CN18081713P_326.JPG?w=1024&h=685&keep=c&crop=yes&color=ffffffff=&quality=80&qu "

<h5 class=Photo Credit: Jordan Rodericks

Say "I love you" with some unique Virginia is for Lovers merch that reflects the interests of your significant other, from craft beer grommets and oyster shells to wooden cutting boards and hiking backpacks.

A romantic getaway in Virginia


Photo Credit: Jumping Rocks Photography IG Account: @jumpingrocksphoto

Finally, consider bringing your favorite person for a romantic weekend getaway in Virginia! Many hotels and resorts offer Valentine's Day packages and deals to save you money and add extra love-inspired items such as wine, chocolates, and flowers. Prefer a Valentine's Day adventure that offers seclusion and privacy? Book a cozy cabin to spend quality time with that special someone.

Tell me, what are your plans for Valentine's Day in Virginia this year? Share your gift ideas and stories with us in the comments below!

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