16 May, 2021

2020 Wedding Dress Models

Today’s topic is a little more specific than others. Today we’re going to talk about an old wedding dress in my own bridal look! If you are a vintage fan like me, you are sure to find a lot of inspiration from wedding dresses, accessories, hairstyles … Let’s have a coffee and get ready to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the wedding!

Vintage wedding dresses and shoes

First of all, I have to say that I am the bride of the coronavirus era. This means that malls were closed while I was shopping. So I bought everything in online stores. It was a little difficult to find clothes without actually seeing them, but who cares? πŸ™‚

If you want to create a vintage bridal look, it doesn’t mean that you have to buy everything from vintage stores. Details are important to a vintage wedding dress. πŸ˜‰

As you can see from the pictures, my wedding dress has really cute vintage details like sleeve length, deep V neckline with buttons at the end and details at the waist. When I first see this dress I think I can easily make it vintage. I need little details to combine it with the right accessories! The only difference I made with this dress is the tulle neckline. I added this tulle there to create a look that would go with my wedding gloves and hat.

This midi dress is light beige. I liked the length and color of the skirt. They make me feel old too! When it came time to choose the bridal shoes, I was looking for something beige, pointy toes and low heels. This trio gives me the elegant vintage look I was looking for. Are the girls very elegant?

Accessories that complement your vintage look
I prefer to wear a wedding hat instead of a veil to complete my wedding dress. I prefer the tulle so that it covers part of the face and makes it more mysterious. πŸ˜‰

Another accessory I wore on my wedding day was bridal gloves. They look pretty good even if it’s a simple or detailed glove. I have small spots on my wrist and I was wearing normal sized gloves. However, if you have a sleeveless wedding dress, check out long bridal gloves. They look great with sleeveless dresses!

And pearls … I prefer to wear pearls for my old wedding dress. Because I think pearls are for a wedding! I don’t know any other accessory has that vintage feel to it. When choosing a pearl necklace, I pay attention to its size. I especially wanted it to cover my neck very well. This gives the pearls a very modern look. I guess don’t buy a lot of pearl necklaces! Sorry, but that makes me feel like a grandma! Finally, I wear medium sized pearl earrings to complete the look.

Choose your hairstyle and makeup
I prefer a tight bun for a wedding hairstyle. It completes the sleek look I was looking for. I actually like it when the package shrinks, so I cut my hair for this bundle πŸ˜‰ Because mine was too long!

White bridal bouquet
Romantic white roses. My bouquet consisted of white roses and a white satin ribbon. If you don’t like roses, you can opt for modern cotton bouquets. Be sure to scroll down to see the bouquets I have selected for you. However, white roses are also a great option for interior decoration. Now I am using dried bridal bouquet as decor in my living room …

Vintage wedding dress: pictures that I have selected for you
You can find more inspirational wedding photos I’ve selected for you! Scroll down and enjoy girls!

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